Hats Off to Christmas!

As the first post of this newly-created blog, I think it’s safe to stick with the Christmas theme since ’tis just the season (to be jolly and fat and all!) And what’s better than a review of a Hallmark’s Christmas movie, right after watching it with a cup of black coffee and a plate of roti pratha as late late dinner.

I’m such a s*cker for Hallmark holiday movies – they’re lightweight, easy on the eyes and uplifting in a way that makes you believe those good-looking characters can in fact choose to live in a quiet suburb over the bright lights of big city (most often referred to as New York..)

Go to the MOVIE PAGE to read the synopsis.

The movie never veer from Hallmark’s usual recipe: single mom making ends meet in the suburb, single guy visiting from big city, a much-loved family company going into bankruptcy, girl meets guy and guy saves the company and ends up staying for the girl, cue the oohs and aahs from the female audience. I wonder, in this day and age, there’s actually a good looking guy who would choose to stay in the suburb for a single mom if she’s not happened to be Haylie Duff (Hillary’s sister who has that girl-next-door pretty face) and has big b**bs. Don’t get me wrong, I love Haylie here – she’s quite a charmer and it’s refreshing to see a character who has curves on TV. Haylie sometimes fill up her sweaters and cardigans here, but I’m sure she’s never been more than a size 6 during filming..

If it’s a book (such any other hard-core GR librarian as I am) then I would gladly give this movie a 3 star. Mostly thanks to Antonio Cupo who plays the guy, Nick. Just can’t help pining for this guy. For a holiday movie, however, this is as heavy as a snowflake can be but can warm your lonely heart like a marshmallow-topped hot cocoa. Don’t forget, once you’ve emptied your cup, you might want to run for an eggnog with a generous helping of your best-kept brandy, and sleep it off!


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