Thank you, Youth. Godspeed, 2014!

Seventeen days going into 2014 and I already got bored waiting for exciting things to happen. Well, if some people mentioned that turning 2/5 of a century is like being 20 all over again, they’re gravely mistaken.
Patient laying in chair at a dental clinic surgery
Patient, a photo by Robert Lang Photography on Flickr.
In my case, about 20 years ago or so I happened to be:
  • 20 kg lighter
  • having less gray hairs
  • a hopeless romantic
  • pursuing a degree
  • starting a new life in a foreign country
  • drinking vodka shots in other people’s houses
  • watching Arnold Schwarzenegger’s True Lies with a (German) guy I like
  • spending a lot of time in a library because my life depended on it
  • trying on nail polish at the 24h WalMart in the middle of the night
  • doing a lot of walking (couldn’t afford a car at that time..)
  • an idealist
  • the apple of my mother’s eye
  • a sister of two (2) younger brothers
I should pat myself on the back and said: “You’ve come a long way, baby!” (Attention Virginia Slims, still can’t bring myself to start smoking!) But life has been kind, too. The joy of my youth still could not take away the fact that I, by now, have:
  • an adorable nephew who worship me (plus a chubby niece and an estranged nephew)
  • owned a house
  • earned two degrees
  • collected enough books for a personal library
  • been to Taj Mahal (and the World Trade Ctr before it collapsed)
  • been to a SmashMouth and ThirdEyeBlind concert
  • been courted by a good-looking Kuwaiti (the first Mr. Piston!)
  • had friends who happened to be Thai, Ethiopian, Somali, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Indian (including a former boss)
  • taught middle-school Physics
  • met my high school Physics teacher after I became a Physics teacher
  • a ragtag following of satisfied former students (including one member of the Overtunes!)
  • become a photographer (with a flickr acct..) and an avid reader (with a GoodReads acct..)
  • 3 iPhones, 2 iPods and an Internet connection
  • become a realist
  • a brother who is now in Heaven
And to share my goal before I become a half-centenarian self – I would like to:
  • be an optimist
  • have closer relationship with God
  • be a great aunt and teacher to my nephew Tim
  • speak another language, semi-fluently (either Japanese, Hindi, Arabic or Finnish..)
  • take up diving
  • take landscape shots of at least 10 Indonesian remote beaches
  • go back to graduate school
  • own a business (most probably anything related to education, or probably agriculture.. ha!)
  • own a patch of arable land (growing cashews, melons or grapes..)
  • visit the base of Everest Base Camp
  • have quality time with my best friends
  • go out with a great guy (non-Kuwaiti, thank you very much!)
  • be 20 kg lighter (or 5 kg, whichever comes first..)
Carry On Luggage
Carry On Luggage, a photo by Boy_Wonder on Flickr.
Now let me update my resume again – need another job to feed myself, stat!

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