Movie Night
Movie Night, a photo by ~tammy.j~ on Flickr.
Why do I watch movies? I forgot my first movie I’ve ever watched – on the contrary, I still remember my first musical: Les Misérables for the live one, and Sound of Music for the on-screen version. Still, the older I get, the more I appreciate good movies, especially the ones I thought impossibly stupid and abstract when I was younger. As I age, I also find most Hollywood blockbuster movies becoming boring and unbelievably dumber. I still love Christian Bale’s Batman installments, but the latest Wolverine? Still, I find myself downloading new and old movies purely for my own enjoyment. Then I can explain that the reasons I just love watching movies are:
  • To escape from the real world: Even a based-on-true-story flick such as Saving Mr. Banks (the re-telling of PL Travers discord with Walt Disney) needed some sort of Hollywood makeover, which diluted the real character of PL Travers, just like Disney did to her beloved Mary Poppins.
  • To draw comparison with my own world: Movies like What Maisie Knew reminded me how tragic life can be to children of divorce.
  • To imagine my life in fictional world: My favorite Bridget Jones’s Diary should be able to convey the bitterness and joy of singleness, yet I’m still looking for the elusive Mr. Darcy!
  • To have an excuse for munching a bag of popcorn and gulping down large sodas 🙂
In a Bowl of Popcorn
In a Bowl of Popcorn, a photo by Bunnyrel on Flickr.

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